Next to electrical one of the most mysterious parts of building a custom motorcycle is building a custom exhaust. We've all done our first one. Pipe from the local auto parts store tach-welded together with big metal boogers we tried to pass off as welds and horrid grinding marks from trying to clean them up. It's ok though, acceptance of our failures is the first step in heading in the right direction.

In Exhaust Fabrication x 1 you'll learn the basics of building a custom exhaust. We've partnered with Cone Engineering and have the knowledge and resource of their team at our disposal. The result? Teaching you how to build the perfect exhaust for your custom bike project.


Individual Classes | $150/class

Exhaust Fab x 1 & 2 | $140/class

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  • Explanation of different types of tubing & diameters
  • Proper tools for fabrication
  • Laying out the design
  • MIG welding vs. TIG welding
  • Mocking up and tacking in place
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