When it comes to a proper handling and performing motorcycle one of the single most important aspects is the suspension. Too stiff, you'll break your back and it'll handle like a truck. Too soft, you'll end up washing out in a corner when it unloads. There's so many variables to understand in order to properly select the right type of suspension for your bike.

In SUSPENSION X 101 we demystify as much of it as we can and help give you a solid understanding of what you bike really needs based on your requirements from it. Do you need $1500 Ohlins shocks on your 1973 CB450? Probably not. Is the right way to lower a bike putting the forks up through the triple trees? Nope. Don't stress though, we'll cover this an a wealth of other knowledge to give you the basics!


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  • Different Types of Forks
  • Different Types of Rear Shocks
  • Front & Rear Spring Selection
  • Fork Seal / Fluid Replacement & Rebuilding
  • Dampers vs. Shocks?
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