So you went through Exhaust Fabrication x 1 and you've got an entire system mocked up and ready to go. You learned how to properly figure angles and pie cuts, how to track it all into place and now you're ready to weld it and finish it so you can ride the hell out it!

In Exhaust Fabrication x 2 you'll learn our tips and tricks to give your exhaust a clean, finished factory look. You'll also learn how to properly weld your tubes without distortion and even purge weld if TIG'ing is your thing.

From there we'll open up our secret arsenal of tools and show you how to properly finish it to a high polish. Shiny not your thing? No problem, Exhaust Fab x 2 is sponsored by DEI and we've got all the cool stuff to wrap your headers and make them look right!


Individual Classes | $150/class

Exhaust Fab x 1 & 2 | $140/class

NOTE : Submit the form below and we'll get right back to with payment and further registration details. Also, Co-op Members receive a 10% discount on classes. 


  • Finish welding
  • Sanding, prepping and polishing
  • Header wrapping
  • Safety wire
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