Building a wiring harness isn't as simple as one might think. Says the guy who has 15 different types of speaker wiring hanging above his toolbox...

Building a harness, while not difficult merely time-consuming, is probably one of the most gratifying things you can do on a motorcycle. It's also one of the most mystified. To know that when you turn that key, though (if you build your own harness), that it gives life to the engine allowing it to move, really is one of the coolest feelings ever.

In ELECTRONICS X 106 - WIRE HARNESS CONSTRUCTION Ross Davis will take you through a tour on how to build a harness from scratch. He'll cover laying out your components to the physical construction of the harness and everything else in between!


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  • Selecting the proper wire type, gauges, color, etc
  • Understanding your old harness
  • Laying out the new harness
  • Using proper connector types and where to source them
  • Crimping and Soldering, the differences and when both are the best solution
  • Physical construction of the harness
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