Gone are the days where a cool fella could repair a broken buss fuse for just enough time to get him home, with the foil from a cigarette pack. The fuses are plastic now and so are the cigarettes and their packages and in lots of cases, the motorcycles are too come to think of it.

So what do you do when you turn your key and the ignition doesn't work? Or what about when you're heading home from the best night of your life riding with friends and your headlight dies? Or what if there's a significantly attractive member of the opposite sex standing on a curb and you can't honk at them in a state of romance?

You handle it. That's what happens. That is of course if you've taken ELECTRONICS TROUBLESHOOTING with Ross Davis here at Standard Motorcycle Co. Ross has spent the last 30 some-od years of his life diagnosing other people's bum electronics. He's seen it all. And he's going to share all of that with you in this workshop!


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  • Diagnosing Shorts
  • Diagnosing Opens
  • Repairing Harnesses
  • Using Tools to Aid Diagnosis
  • Individual System Components
  • Component Failure
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