If you think your motorcycle will run without tip-top electronics, you must be riding an old Panhead with a Magneto. For all the rest of us, electronics are one of the most important parts of our bikes. Namely the Charging, Ignition & Starter Systems. Without two of those we simply, can't ride. And that sucks!

Fortunately, you've gone through ELECTRONICS x 101 and have a solid understanding for the basics of motorcycle electronics. And now you're gonna learn about those aforementioned systems above from none other than Ross Davis, himself.

In this workshop, Ross will go in-depth into charging systems and how they work because if you're motorcycle isn't charging, neither are you!


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  • Overview of Charging System
  • Alternators vs. Generators
  • 1/2 Wave v. Full Wave v. 3-Phase
  • Regulator Rectifier Function
  • Testing Procedures
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