When it comes to electronics on a motorcycle we know it can be confusing. That's why we created the INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS course. Having taken that, you now know what the difference between different gauges of wire is, that old Honda's use green for ground instead of black and not to let the magic smoke out of the wires.

In this workshop, you'll be learning again from Ross Davis of Track Side Cycles. A lifetime veteran motorcycle mechanic, training curriculum designer for MMI and service engineer for Honda Motorcycles. aka: The Boss. Trust us, he know's what's up and is gonna hook you up.


Because now you're ready to focus on a few of the main and specific components a motorcycle has and depends on to guarantee its rider the ultimate and rad experience. Lights is a critical one, learn about wattage draws, the differences between different types of bulbs and what makes them work. Switches and relays too. They make sure your lights amongst other things work properly.

See you in class!


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  • Understanding Different Types of Switches
  • Understanding How Light Bulbs Work
  • Understanding Different Styles of Bulbs
  • Understanding LED's vs. Traditional
  • Understanding Relays
  • Understanding AMP Draw
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